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Interview with Hommy and Edgar by JC River.

JC River: How has been the success after the first Aura Azul album?

Hommy: Its been huge,after the album doors were opened for us in other countries like Argentina,Colombia,Ecuador,Peru,USA and Japan where it sold out in a month or so,it also gave us the chance to open for Iron Maiden,and the first album was the one that went to the Iron Maiden management and so they picked us.

Edgar: It brought us the Iron Maiden gig,we were scheduled for a US tour,at least that was the stuff i felt the most.

JC River: What are the changes that have occurred in the band since the first record as of today?

Hommy: Musically almost none,we continue with our main focus and style when composing,the only change i could point out is that we are more linked as a band,as of band members,the drummer and the other lead guitar are not in the band,But Moe(recent guitar player) was a spiritual member because he was to be in the band for the first record,but for some reasons he didn't,he did recorded the second solo in "Maestro de la oscuridad" thou.

Edgar: There has been some line up changes,but the original line up is together again,we have grown up musically as a band,and that will show on our next album,everyone is a better musician now,we hope that you will notice it in our next album

JC River: How are the preparations of the second album of Aura Azul?

Hommy: As of now we are in the mastering process,the album is called "Beyond the doors of time" and it should be out by February 2012 in digital format,and April in CD format,the title track was released on January 5 and it made the top 50 in MTVs ourstage,its currently charting at #23.

Edgar: Its coming along great,we are almost done,there are going to be fast song,there will be heavy songs,"soft" songs,you will be impressed.

JC River: Why was the reason for a Maiden tribute album and what were the motives?

Hommy: Nothing in particular,just because we wanted,and obviously because its the greatest Heavy Metal band ever,we don't limit ourselves about stuff we want to do,we are all Maiden fans in Aura Azul,we had that idea prior to playing with them here in San Juan,and after that we felt it was the moment,and we did.

Edgar: We had always shared our love for Iron Maiden,and if we were going to tribute a band it should be Them ,and now was the time,and we did.

JC River: When will be on sale the Iron Maiden tribute album?

Hommy: The album is available now for free,you can access our web page and download it for free,as a gift for our friends that have supported us all this time,and the ones that are supporting us now.

JC River: What songs are in the album,and why?

Edgar: Each of us choosed a song,and we also wanted to make a non typical maiden album with all theirs hits.

Hommy:The setlist consist of some obscure songs and some hits,our favorites in any case,Sea of Madness,dejavu,Infinite dreams,but also aces high,hallowed be thy name ect ect ect.

JC River: Why the name "Tributo a la doncella de hierro" (tribute to iron maiden in english)?

Edgar: Por que somos Boricuas,period.
Hommy:Nuff said.

JC River: What are the future plans of the band locally and internationally.

Edgar: Same as always,we want to take our music as far as possible,latin america,asia europe USA,share our music worldwide and play.

JC River: In the first album all songs were in spanish except for the English version of Gladiators,can we expect the same for the new album?

Edgar: In this record we decided all songs to be in English,to get a more wide audience,and to tell the truth the music is coming along very good,
and so the lyrics,we are very pleased with that.

JC River: What can we expect from Aura Azul and what do you expect in the next years to come?

Edgar: you can expect the band to continue grow,more presentations,music will get better as so we as musicians,we will continue to make music
with all our heart and dedications that will have always will.

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