jueves, 8 de diciembre de 2011

Aura Azuls Iron Maiden tribute album is out now,Download it for FREE!!!

Track list:
Aces High
Sea of madness
Flight of Icarus
Caught somewhere in time
Hallowed be thy name
Deja vu
Stranger in a strange land
Infinite dreams
The evil that men do

The band has finished the album "Tributo a la doncella de Hierro" and its available now only as a digital copy and free for download.

Iron Maiden is a big influence not only to Aura Azul but to millions of fans around the world,and the band decided to give tribute to the best metal band in the world!
Remember to check on the Aura Azul store to the right the "Aura Azul"-2010 album.

Download Album

martes, 11 de octubre de 2011

Aura Azul will be playing the first Rock Spot Aniversary.

El Departamento de Transportación y Obras Públicas junto con Transporte Urbano estarán realizando el sábado, 15 de octubre de 2011 la actividad “Comics and Rock at the Train”, en la Estación del Tren Sagrado Corazón . El evento se llevará a cabo de 10:00AM a 5:00PM.

La idea es que público aficionado a los comics y que le guste el rock pesado como el público general puedan disfrutar de una actividad de sano entretenimiento, fomentando a su vez el transporte colectivo. No se cobrara espacio de exposición, lo único que deberán llevar es la mesa y las sillas para su espacio que será de 10 x 10 o más grande de necesitarlo.

Los interesados favor de contactar a :

Diana M. Ortiz Figueroa
Oficial de Comunicaciones
Oficina de Comunicaciones y Prensa
787-723-3245/787-721-8787 ext. 1624

Bandas :

Aura Azul
Alas Negras
Sacred Guardian
Salvation Denied

martes, 6 de septiembre de 2011

Buy the "Aura Azul" album

Buy The New Aura Azul album using the "Aura Azul Store"

"Aura Azul"
Preludio (Emma/Hommy)
La copa de la ira (Hommy/Vigo)
Maestro de la oscuridad (Hommy)
Gladiadores (Hommy/Edgar)
Nafragio (Hommy)
8 de octubre (Hommy)
El angel vengador (Hommy)
Como un rayo de sol (Hommy/Raul/Edgar)
Utopia de una diosa (Hommy/Edgar)
La sombra de Faraon (Hommy)
El reino el mago el imperio y el fin PT.I (Hommy/Edgar)
Gladiators (Hommy/Edgar) *english bonus track

martes, 30 de agosto de 2011

Aura Azul New T-Shirt Preview.

This is the band T-shirt,available this september in limited quantities for $12.

domingo, 7 de agosto de 2011

Aura Azul Iron Maiden's Final Frontier review.

"They possessed lots of energy and they captivated the crowd, most of which probably didn't even know that there was a vibrant local scene."

Click for the complete review.

sábado, 16 de abril de 2011

Aura Azul opening for Iron Maiden in San Juan,Puerto Rico.

On April 14th 2011 at 7:45 p.m. Aura Azul took center stage as opening for legendary heavy metal band Iron Maiden.
With a setlist of six songs, the guys owned that stage for thirty three minutes. Edgar Lopez,their charismatic frontman sang beautifully and showed complete dominion on stage and accomplished the hard task of making the quite skeptic puertorican public respond to his every whim.

Moe Rodriguez and Hommy Torres' guitar playing was absolutely remarkable and very crystalline sounding and let's not forget their rhythm section; Emma Maysonet on the bass guitar sounded astounding and Erick Maldonado's drum pounding was the cherry on the cake of a wonderful evening for the band on their very first performance at Coliseo de Puerto Rico.


jueves, 24 de marzo de 2011

martes, 1 de marzo de 2011

Dantesco and Aura Azul to headbang the USA this summer.

Warriors Of metal Fest IV Open Air is proud to announce the participation of the world renouned Puerto Rican Doom Metal band DANTESCO for a return performance on our stage after their very first continental United States Live concert at Warriors Of Metal Fest III Open Air last year when after just half a set, it was decided that they should be re-invited to once again infuse this Festival with their Metal spirits. Stormpspell Records has released the self-titled Demo recordings of Dantesco along with 3 bonus tracks as a newly re-released album in 2011 in addition to their new full length album called "7 Years Of Battle" which is currently on sale at their website. It was, therefore with anticipation of quite a bit of new materials that frontman and band leader Erico "La Bestia" Morales proclaimed "Brother, tell everyone that Dantesco will destroy WOM Fest this year"!!!

Also coming from Puerto Rico, and signed to Erico La Besstia's Jurakan Records, AURA AZUL, with a self-titled album under their belt and an Iron Maiden Tribute album in the works will be making their mainland America debut performance at Warriors Of Metal Fest IV Open Air in 2011. Plans are afoot for a 2.5 week tour in USA from Miami, Florida to Fort Wayne, Indiana during 1.5 weeks of which they will be joined by Chicago's Very own Progressive Power Metal band SACRED DAWN who will be supporting the March 2011 release of their 3rd album entitled "A Madness Within", distributed worldwide through Dark Star Records. SACRED DAWN will return to Warriors Of Metal Fest Open Air after 2 years when they supported Twisted Tower Dire on WOM Fest II in 2009. The band states that "from their numerous live appearances across the Midwest to playing alongside international acts such as Symphony X, Testament, Cage, Firewind, Kamelot, and Epica, Sacred Dawn has garnered critical acclaim as well as fans around the world and are now very excited to not only tour with their Metal brothers of AURA AZUL from Puerto Rico but to return to the Warriors Of Metal Fest Open Air to showcase their new brand of dark progressive power metal for their fans".


jueves, 24 de febrero de 2011

Aura Azul to play the Warriors of Metal fest IV in Ohio.

The band will be playing the warriors of metal fest IV in Ohio,with bands like,Dantesco,Shock Paris,Aska,Sacred Dawn and more....


lunes, 17 de enero de 2011

The band uploaded to their myspace two cover (demo) songs from their next album "Tributo a la doncella de hierro"(a tribute to Iron Maiden).

This will be a tribute to one of the most influential bands in the whole world Iron Maiden,including some of their rarest songs and some classics.

The band is currently also working on their next Aura Azul release,both albums to be released in 2011.


lunes, 3 de enero de 2011

Ronny Munroe's Metal Church and Aura Azul live.

Metal Church voice Ronny Munroe will be performing all Metal Church classics and with them the bands Aura Azul and Artic Wind.

Handlebar,San Juan,Puerto Rico,Behind the Volvo dealer in Ave.Kennedy


For those of you who does not Aura Azul,here is what some press in england,spain and france had to say.

"Aura Azul is flying the flag for Puerto Rican Metal and is probably one of the best from the island dependency."

Rating: 9/10


"Y ya por fin este 2010 estrenan su disco completito,por cierto la canción "Gladiadores" es un temazo"



"They manage to swerve around the possible impediments of the language barrier with some enthralling musical moments. There’s just the right amount of passion to be found that would carry a band into truly enjoyable pastures."