martes, 22 de mayo de 2012

Interview with Hommy Aura Azul Guitars in Australia's The Metal Review

This is an interview made to Hommy Torres by Australian Magazine The Metal Review

Hi Hommy! Tell us how did the band form?

First Hello to all our friends in The Metal Review and reading this around the world!

The band formed in 1993 and we formed as most bands do, we were 5 young guys that wanted to play Metal and instead of going to church on Sundays we gathered in our garage and played some tunes of bands we like, we played Maiden, WASP, Helloween, Priest, King Diamond just for fun, then we decided to begin writing songs and then we began to progress as a full band, we picked up a name that was “Prowler Wraith” and so our long journey started, getting us to record a demo in 1994. Later the band split up during the grunge era and came back in 2003 recording a demo in 2007, our first full length in 2010, and our latest production “Beyond the doors of time” 2012.

What was your first concert experience? Do you remember how you felt when you were done performing?

Yeah! Aura Azul’s first concert was in the Puerto Rico’s Metal fest 2005, hosted by Dantescos/Omen singer Eric Labestia, the place was crowded at capacity and we were like hell yeah! That’s what we are here for! Once we finished the performance it was like when you are exercising a high intensity routine and then you calm down, all that hype inside your body, well sort of like that haha. When we got down we got many compliments and many people asking us for recorded material, which sadly we didn’t have at that time.

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