domingo, 5 de diciembre de 2010

Aura Azul started working on an Iron Maiden tribute album.

The band was toying with the idea of releasing an Iron Maiden tribute album from some time now,and finally they begin the works,as of now we are working on the drums and we expect the album to be completed by January 2011,and released some time by February or March.

The album will be called "Tributo a la doncella de Hierro" and consist of 12 tracks which will be revealed later,most of them are obscure maiden songs which they do not play anymore or had never ever played live with a few surprises more.

The band ends touring the island with their recent album "Aura Azul" this December 10 in "The house" Mayaguez.

and will start touring the Maiden Tribute Album in January 2010.

for more info go to

martes, 26 de octubre de 2010

Heavy Metal Thunder interviews Ozzy's Gus G and Aura Azul's Edgar,Hommy.
JC.Green interviews Firewind/Ozzy Osbourne Gus G talking about Firewind and Ozzy osbourne and Edgar and Hommy from Aura Azul talking about their new album and future plans for the band.

jueves, 21 de octubre de 2010

Auditions are open for a guitar player.

The band is actually auditioning guitar players,all interested can contact the band and leave info at

All confirmed dates of the "aura azul release tour" wont be affected for long time friend
Gustavo Luciano guitar player of Salvation Denied and Bastard Chain will be helping till we confirm our new band member

martes, 12 de octubre de 2010

Aura Azul Tour Dates

Due to the release of the album "Aura Azul" the band will be touring some cities during Sept 2010 to January 2011.

The current schedule is:

Oct 30 Sopranos,Catano
Nov 13 The tattoo tavern,Luquillo
Nov 19 Hard Rock Cafe,San Juan
Dec 10 The House,Mayaguez
Jan 15 TBA,San Juan
Jan 29 Anfiteatro de arte y cultura,Luquillo

Aura Azul | SignMeTo Roadrunner Records

Aura Azul | SignMeTo Roadrunner Records

Buy the new AURA AZUL album

Buy The New Aura Azul album using the "Aura Azul Store"

Aura Azul releases New Album.

Puerto Rican Heavy Metalers Aura Azul,have released their new album "Aura Azul".
The album features Edgar Lopez on vocals(singing pupil of Metal Church's Ronny Monroe,
and is released under Jurakan records from Erico la bestia (Dantesco).
The album have 12 tracks including a bonus track.

La copa de la ira
Maestro de la oscuridad
8 de octubre
El angel vengador
Como un rayo de sol
Utopia de una diosa
La sombra de Faraon
El reino el mago el imperio y el fin PT.I
Gladiators *english bonus track

After playing with bands like Paul Dianno,Icarus witch and Dantesco the band is actually touring in the caribbean.